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Dog Groomers

Welcome to Pugs in a Tub, your friendly dog groomers based in Eastbourne, East Sussex Fully equipped salon with a caring and fully qualified professional team. 


 Cut & Style 

A warm shower in a shampoo specific to your dog's coat and skin requirements. We double wash all dogs to ensure a squeaky clean pooch.

  • Dried using a stand dryer or blaster depending on your dog's requirements and which driers they are comfortable with, we do not use cage dryers and offer full fluff drying. Ears are cleaned.

  • A full brush through and comb to remove loose coat and tangles (if de-matting over 10 minutes is required an extra fee may apply).

  • To create your chosen style we may use clippers and or scissoring. Paw pads, hygiene areas such as genital areas, anus, armpits are clipped out to keep clean and knot free. Nails are trimmed. Anal glands can be expressed on request. Ear plucking can be done on request. 

  • Your pooch will receive a bandana and fragrance spray.


 Wash & Go 

A warm shower in a shampoo specific to your dog's coat and skin requirements. We double wash all dogs to ensure a squeaky clean pooch. 


  • Dried using a stand dryer or blaster depending on your dog's requirements and which driers they are comfortable with, we do not use cage dryers and offer full fluff drying.

  • Ears are cleaned.

  • A brush through and comb to remove loose coat (if de-matting over 10 minutes is required an extra fee may apply).

  • Longer haired dogs have a light trim of feet, eyes and hygiene areas.

  • Rolls and creases are cleaned on breeds such as bulldogs and pugs

  • Nails are trimmed.

  • Your pooch will receive a bandana and fragrance spray.


 Hand Stripping

Hand stripping is the grooming process that involves removing dead hairs from a wire coated dog.


  • Stripping is done either by hand or using a hand stripping knife instead of clipping/ cutting the coat, pulling out the guard hairs when the coat has blown it keeps the coat tidy and healthy.

  • Hand stripping is usually completed twice a year in spring and autumn.

  • Done by a professional groomer hand stripping should not be painful for your dog, it can actually be quite therapeutic.




 Fancy Fluffys'

This package is designed to revitalise all fluffy coats such as
cockerpoo, maltese, shih ztu, westies, schnauzers etc.

  • First a bath with a blueberry facial, a strip off shampoo is used to remove all dirt, grease, oil

  • Then a second wash in a colour enhancing shampoo will be used and pollutants, used to enhance and intensify the natural coat colour this premium shampoo is great for reducing staining and removing yellow tones.

  • Treatment will then be massaged into the coat to restore

  • An intensive Moroccan and argan oil conditioning  shine, softness whilst strengthening the hair shaft. this will be left to nourish the coat for 10 minutes while wrapped in a warm towelling robe.

  • At the end of this VIP treatment nose and paw balm will be applied.


 Shedding Mud 

This package is perfect for your short-haired dog that is shedding hair around the house!

  • The sweet-smelling mud is massaged into the coat to helprelieve and prevent excessive shedding by unclogging hair follicles, realising undercoats and removing loose fur.

  • Ideal for coats such as Labs, Pugs, Bulldogs, Jack Russells.

  • This VIP treatment includes a blueberry facial to help cleanse and rid staining, dirt and odours.

  • Nose and paw balm is applied to help protect and restore dry nose and paws pads.

  • The treatment is finished with a spray of breath fresh.



Hot Springs enriched with CO2 have long been thought to aid healthy skin in humans.


  • Nagayu brings this concept into every day living, not just for people but for dogs too!

  • This CO2 supplement enhances the recovery of problem skin areas, helps eliminate odour issues, hot spots, itchy skin, yeast and promotes a healthy coat.

  • A scientific approach to deep cleansing and moisturising for your pooch!

  • Our VIP treatment is delivered during bathing using a specialist shower head, the Nagayu compressed tablet is added to the shower system which is massaged over every part of your dogs skin and coat.


 Jacuzzi Bath 

Bring life to an old dog! 

Your pooch is embraced in the soothing warm water of the jacuzzi spa bath infused with therapeutic lavender and mint or a natural honey and milk. 

The massaging effects help to relieve joints, stress and the circulation is booted to aid healing. 

Great for active dogs as well as elderly or arthritic dogs.



Paws are soaked for 5 minutes in warm water with a canine foot bath bomb, they will be wrapped in a robe to keep warm and cosy, then the paws are gently scrubbed with a soft brush using our aloe Vera cleansing foot treatment this removes dirt, killing germs and bacteria helping to prevent nasty foot infections.

Nails are clipped and filed using a dremel providing your pooch is comfortable  with the filing process and finished with a moisturizing balm.


 about Pugs IN A TUB 

 about Pugs IN A TUB 

 about Pugs IN A TUB 

Pugs in a Tub
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Like most teenagers, I left school with no idea what I wanted to do. I dabbled in lots of varied jobs including accounts, childcare, phone sales, holiday home sales in Tenerife but I never felt I found the job for me.
After having my daughter, Nola in 2004 I had a lot more time on my hands and when she started school I got my first pug, Puggy in 2009, wow my own dog!! We spent lots of time out on walks, not long after in 2010 I got Dug my second pug they are addictive funny happy little dogs that are always by your side ready to brighten up the darkest of days.
I knew I must pursue a career with dogs and soon signed up to Level 2 city and guilds dog grooming course at Plumpton College. From the day I started, I knew I had found my career I loved every minute of my training and started grooming from my house for friends family and neighbours dogs. I went onto do my Level 3 course and within only a few months was too busy to continue from my house.
In April 2013 Pugs in a Tub was established we started in ESK Eastbourne, within 4 years and with 2 staff members we had outgrown our space in ESK and 2017 we moved to our current location which is a bigger premises.
I am extremely thankful for finding such a rewarding career, my role has changed since I first started, I now spend a lot more of my time managing and training staff but will always find time to groom and chat to my lovely customers. For me Pugs in a Tub is so much more than a job or business it's my love and has made some amazing friends through my staff, dogs and owners. I now have 4 pugs and counting and we hope to take the business further over the next few years.

Pugs_in_a_Tub_jan2019-106 (1).jpg


I've always had a real love and passion for animals from a young age. I was given Paris my first Tibetan Terrier for my 13th birthday, Paris had a litter of puppies and I obviously had to keep two, Devlin & Doris.
As I went out to work, I realised would not be happy unless working with my true passion, which is dogs. I started to volunteer with Claire at Pugs in a Tub, helping out in the salon in 2016 and started a Level 2 course at Plumpton, through this I met the talented, award-winning groomer and teacher, Julie Harris, I decided to do her Level 3 corset Hadlow College. I was lucky enough to work at her salon, where I gained some fantastic training and skills. While also working at Pugs in a Tub I have attended many training seminars including Wool Coat, Scissoring skills and perfect prep.
In 2019 I had my son and its lovely spending time with my family and dogs, I have recently returned to work after my maternity leave and enjoying grooming again.



I was lucky enough to be surrounded by dogs growing up, I have fond memories of travelling around the country attending dog shows with my mum as a child, as she competed at agility and obedience with our family dogs.
I have two lovely dogs of my own, Betsy a show Cocker and Tilly my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, together they are double trouble, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.
I have beautiful daughters Dorothy and Violet who also adore dogs. I spend all of my spare time with my family and dogs, whether it's going up to the yard with the horses or going on long family walks.
I completed my Level 2 training at Plumpton College in 2015, whilst volunteering at Pugs in a Tub, bathing and prepping. Then I had my daughter and started Level 3 in 2016, then I started working at Pugs in a Tub as a full-time groomer.
I love our continued training here and would like to learn Asian Fusion grooming this year. I feel very lucky that I’ve found my dream job.



I've always been a crazy Animal lover, from birth I was bought up with lots of animals Rats, Hamsters, Cats, Rabbits, Horses and of course Dogs, As a young child, I trained my rabbit tricks and agility when older this progressed with my 2 Labradors Tammy now 12 and Amber now 8 we have trained in show obedience, flyball, tricks and agility and lightly competed.
As I child I went to dog shows with family and started showing at 7 years old!! I’ve shown various breeds from labs, Australian shepherds and Borzois. I competed in the Richmond Champions show for the junior handling semi-finals with Amber and came 4th I hope to get a Finnish Lapphund over the next year that I can show.
In my spare time I also love to ride horses in the past I have done dressage and show jumping but mainly enjoy a hack along the countryside
I knew when I left school I wanted to pursue a career with animals so from 2014-2016 I studied Animal Management and Horse Care Level 3 diploma at Plumpton while doing this I had a part-time job at a local dog groomer, bathing, which I loved. Once I had finished my animal management course I started a level 3 dog grooming course at Gilsmans Dog College in Hastings.
I competed in the Rookie Challenge and came 1st for my hand strip with a Border Terrier
I have been at Pugs in Tub since 2018 and am enjoying progressing my grooming skills. I have since done seminars on dog behaviour and handling, clipping, hand-stripping and dog first aid.
I also like to do photography outside work but this comes in very handy when taking the salon after photos!

IMG_3840 (1).JPG


I started as a trainee dog groomer in 2017 at a local groomer. I enjoyed it right from the start so decided to start my Level 2 City & Guilds training at Plumpton College, on completion of my course I got the job working at Pugs in a Tub.
I love the training and support I get here and am now halfway through my Level 3 training.
It’s great seeing my skills improve and look forward to my progressing career.
In my spare time, I love taking out my rescue staff Niko with my partner.

Kerry's Dog.JPG


Since I can remember I have always had a love for animals and have grown up surrounded by them. This led me to study animal management at Hadlow college for two years which I thoroughly enjoyed but after seeing the dog grooming course it quickly became clear that was the path I wanted to follow. I completed my Level 3 Animal Management course and then went onto the Level 2 dog grooming course which I studied at Plumpton In 2015.
A few months after I completed my course I got a job in the groom room at Pets at Home there I trained up to become a stylist from there I went on to running a grooming salon within a shop on my own which I loved but I missed the company of colleagues and inspiration from working with others this is when I started working with Claire at Pugs in a Tub in 2019.

I thoroughly enjoy my job as it means I work with people who have the same love for animals as I do.
In my spare time, I love going out on dog walks with my trio and hacking my beautiful 5-year-old Arabian horse Ritchie whom I have had for 2 years.

received_245185489948271 (1).jpeg


I have been grooming for 9 years. I started training at Plumpton College, Level 2 in 2011while volunteering at a local dog groomers.

I loved it so much went onto man level 3 and was offered a full time job at my work experience placement. In 2015 I moved to a busier grooming salon, where my skills really improved. I started working with Claire at pugs in a Tub in 2016.
In 2017 I had, I have had a few years oft spend time with daughter, we enjoy visiting places such as Knock Hatch and Drusillas, I think she loves animals as much as me, especially our cat Coda.

During my time off have kept in touch with my  work colleagues, we meet up outside with our children, it is great to have made some life long friends. I have attended training and volunteered for a few days at the salon to keep my skills up, and this yearn my daughter is at nursery, I will be returning to grooming.

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Pugs in a tub Bichon
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Pugs in a tub Bichon
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Pugs in a tub
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Contact Info & Opening Times
Pugs in a tub
Unit 14 Coachmakers, 116a Seaside 
Eastbourne, East Sussex BN22 7QP

Claire – 07753 934729

Mon, Tues, Wed, Friday  9 - 5.30pm 
Thursday : Closed 
Sat    9 - 5.30pm