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5 Best Companion Dogs for Elderly Owners

It’s very true that dogs make the perfect companions, especially for the elderly. They provide very therapeutic qualities, they are great company if you live on your own, they can lower stress levels and help with depression. They need exercise, as do we, especially as we get older but not an excessive amount; it’s a perfect reciprocal relationship between owner and dog.

Based on some of our senior customers and their chosen breed of dog and some research we did , here are our top five breeds we think make the perfect companion for the elderly:

1. Pug

OK, we might be a little biased, but they are always eager to please and are so affectionate.

Walking is not too taxing; they like to potter and don’t require tons of exercise. They can be a bit greedy and love a treat, so beware of weight gain. They are the true charmers of the dog world. Oh and they snore…loudly!

2. Poodle

This is a super smart breed that doesn’t shed its hair but does require regular grooming.

They have a loving, loyal personality. The smaller ones require basic walks daily.

3. Maltese

The perfect handbag size lap dog, easy to pick up, as they are so small and sometimes a bit fragile! When not sitting on your lap they do like a short walk. Regular grooming is advised as their hair can get quite knotty if it gets too long.

4. Greyhound

These gentle giants might not be an obvious choice but are easy to train. Retired Greyhounds generally have a calm, gentle temperament. Surprisingly, they don’t need huge amounts of exercise and like nothing better than chilling on the sofa with their owner.

5. West Highland Terrier

There’s a reason this little white dog is popular. They are small but tough. They are a friendly, playful breed. They are energetic and love walks and can happily walk up to an hour at a time (adults). They require regular grooming and benefit from hand stripping treatment.

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