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How to choose a dog walker

If you are not able to take your dog out for regular walks and you have decided it’s time to get a dog walker, here are some top tips on choosing the right one:

1. Where to find a dog walker?

Where do you begin to look? You might have been recommended a dog walker which is probably a good place to start. If they have a website or Facebook page you could check out their reviews online. Are they licensed and insured? If you are giving them the keys to your property , do they have a criminal record check certificate? Check out the NarpsUK Meet with a few dog walkers, don’t just choose the first one.

2. How much experience do they have?

You don’t need official qualifications to set up as a dog walker, so, when interviewing your potential dog walker you could ask them a few questions. How long they have been doing it? Do they have the skills and knowledge to keep a group of dogs together? How would they break up a conflict or if someone approached them with bad intent on taking one of the dogs, how would they deal with it? Do they have experience of dealing with dogs with behaviour issues?

3. How many dogs do they walk at one time?

If your dog is not particularity sociable or gets a bit nervous around other dogs, this can be quite important to relay to your dog walker. What are their group sizes?  Do they have a second person helping them? Is the owner of the business the one walking your dog? Are dogs of varying sizes walked together? Your dog might be better suited to one-to-one walks, do they offer that service?

4. Health & Safety

Are the other dogs that you might be walking vaccinated? Is that a stipulation your dog walker requires when taking on a new client?  If the dog walker is picking up your dog in a vehicle, what is the cage set up and do it have air conditioning? If there is a conflict and your dogs need canine first aid, are they proficient in this.

5. Trial Run

Will the dog walker offer a trial run, to see how your dog gets on? Remember it’s all new to your dog, take time and don’t hesitate to ask lots of questions. Professional dog walkers will not only be used to this but will be able to answer confidently and with reassurance.

Good Luck on finding your walker.

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