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5 Ways to Love Your Dog

I love my dog was Cat Stevens first single and a sentiment us dog owners can all relate to - big time.

So with the most loved up day of the year just round the corner, we asked several friends and customers how they convey their affections to their dogs.

1. Food

Well, that had to be top of the list. Let’s face it they love to eat. But why not take a bit of time, get down to their level and hand feed them one of their favourite treats. Be careful you might get showered in kisses.

2. Touch

All dogs love a good belly rub but they especially like behind the ears. This is a super sensitive area with loads of nerve endings and they slip into a kind of state of bliss due to the release of endorphins.

3. Speak dog

Much like talking to children, our four legged ones love this too. Use particular tones and tell them you love them. They like a high pitch, especially when suggesting its walkies. So you don’t need to ramble but just keep it to short, repetitive words and phrases are very  effective. Look into their eyes and enjoy their whole facial expressions changing. You could even throw in your version of a bark!

4. Create a bond

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but with a bit of consistency and motivation ( treats) you could have the next Pudsey at the end of the leash. Your dog will love this kind of attention and as they are always looking for ways to please their owners. You will be making each other happy and benefiting fro

m  the pleasure that comes from working as a team.

5. Play games

Dogs love to be stimulated and can suffer from boredom just like the rest of us.  Here are some of our favourite games to play. Tug of war- grab an old sock (smellier the better!), catch and retrieve a bouncy ball and one not to dismiss, mouse under the covers; put your hand under a cover and scratch the surface beneath pretending it’s a mouse, they’ll jump in the air like bunnies trying to catch the mouse (aka your hand!).

Happy Valentine’s Day

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